Cuba Photos

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About Cuba, destinations of Cuba, photos, statistics, images, touristic attractions and google map.
Cuba Flag
  • Capital : Havana
  • Population : 11,163,934
  • GDP : $68.715 billion (63rd)
  • Per Capita : $6,106 (88th)
  • Calling Code : +53
  • Jobless Rate : 2.50%
  • Time Zone : -5
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A Collection of Cuba Photos

Old Classic American Car

Old Classic American Car
HAVANA, CUBA - DECEMBER 2, 2013: Old classic American maroon car rides in front of the Capitol. Before a new law issued on October 2011, cubans could only trade cars that were on the road before 1959.

Nuestra senora de la asuncion cathedral santiago de cuba

nuestra senora de la asuncion cathedral santiago de cuba
View of the cathedral of Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba

Varadero Cuba

Varadero Cuba
VARADERO, CUBA - MAY 25, 2016: Drone flies over tropical island. Calm Atlantic Ocean and the bay. It is flying over the city. Cars are riding on the road closely to the shore. Height of 500 meters

Cuban colorful vintage cars havana

cuban colorful vintage cars havana
Cuban colorful vintage cars in front of the Gran Teatro - Havana, Cuba

Trinidad Cuba

Trinidad Cuba
View over the city Trinidad on Cuba

Playa megano playas del este havana cuba

playa megano playas del este havana cuba
Cuba - Caribbean beach Playa Megano in Playas del Este part of Havana Province. Sandy coast.

Largest Cities Map of Cuba

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